How to use Ugly Duckling Crankbait for Trolling for Walleye

Walleye trolling crankbaits

Walleye fishing is one of the most popular sports with anglers. The walleye season is open all year around and many fishermen decide to take their chances against this charming freshwater fish. There is a variety of techniques you can use to catch walleye, depending on a season, but if you want to try on trolling for walleye using crankbaits, the Ugly Duckling Lures #5 and #7 is the way to go. But first, let us introduce you to your catch – up close and personal.

Things you should know about the walleye

  1. The name “walleye” comes from the fact that this their eyes point outward, as if looking at the walls. This is an advantage for anglers, because that eye position can give off a certain eyeshine in the dark making the fish easier to spot in the dark and even in the deeper water. This is why the evening is the absolute prime time for walleye chop (one of the indicators for good walleye fishing in rough water).
  2. Even though some anglers think that walleyes prefer shallow water, this is not true. The walleye’s feeding activity is mostly focused on rough waters and low-light conditions, where their excellent sight can come in handy. However, this doesn’t mean that walleye will catch its pray only in weed covered shallow water, on a cloudy or overcast day. Walleye chop also refers to a deeper shady area during sunny days, where the fish move in schools, so there is a good chance that you will catch more of them in the same location.
  3. The good side of choosing walleye to catch is that it will not fight in fish below about 24″ in size. They will give you a good fight over that size and it is a great and exciting challenge to catch them. Oh, yes, and they are very popular as a food fish!

Now that we have introduced you to your pray, let’s see how you can catch it!

How to catch walleye with Ugly Duckling using trolling technique

If you choose the trolling technique for walleye fishing, you should pay attention to the #5 and #7 crankbaits. The trolling is good because you can catch a feeding walleye in almost any water in minimal time. If the fish is working in 8 to 10-feet of water, than a shallow-running #7 is your perfect crank bait. Little deeper, 10-12 feet, let’s say, the #5 or #7 jointed will be on top of the game. Also, if you know how to mix the right size and color with the depth-range, then you’re heading for a home run.

The most popular crankbait colors for walleye fishing with anglers are Blue/Silver (or Bleeding Blue Shad) and Fire Tiger. But keep in mind that some anglers choose to go with different colors, as they give better results in a specific water or weather condition. The Ugly Duckling 5 and 7 come in a wide range of colors (48 to be precise) and are perfect for all of you looking for try on a new color and upgrading your technique.

As walleyes are known to feed more extensively at dawn and dusk, under choppy conditions, if you decide to fish on a sunny day, you won’t be having any luck in shallow water, unless it’s covered by weed. But during the evening when walleye prefers to shallow to deeper to look for its pray, your possible fishing spots are mid-lake flats or some other shady areas that transition from deep to shallow. These are the areas where pulling crankbaits will work to your advantage.

We advise you to try and test, see what fits you the best in which water/weather condition. The Ugly Duckling Lures range is wide enough and various enough to follow you in any time and any place. You should choose your weapon wisely, because your adversary is an all-around player and should not be taken lightly!

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