Why you should use balsa crankbaits for fishing?

Ugly Duckling custom balsa lures

Balsa wood is one of the best material for fishing lures you can find on the market. This is why it has always been the first choice for Ugly Duckling lures. Balsa crankbaits are top graded baits that possess unique qualities every angler will appreciate. Some may call them “old school” but these lures have forever been the hidden gem of pro-fishing circuits. So don’t let some other fishing baits fool you even if they may have the appearance of the old balsa baits. Their performances will certainly show you the difference.

Custom balsa crankbaits have the natural float in water


Balsa wood has the ability to float high and stops quickly when pulled back. Balsa crankbaits have an excellent and very natural-looking ability to float. That “buoyancy” is one of their most famous quality. They are also heavy enough to allow you to have very accurate casts. Also a fish which is attracted to bait’s sound of impact will be more aggressive in pursuing it than the prey on the run.

Balsa crankbait will float through the cover and deflect off and float up which would not be possible with a plastic bait. This means that they can go easier into many places other baits can’t.

With all theses qualities, balsa lures are convenient for any season  – winter and summer.


Why balsa fishing lures are so special


Every crankbait designed to “hunting” action will have some aggressive strikes in shallow water. Lures made of balsa are no exception. But they take it to the next level. Their water resistancy and the ability to float up makes them have that enticing motion that attracts fish.

Balsa wood is a very special material. Every balsa made lure has its own “personality”. You might have thousands of them, but there is always that special one you wouldn’t want to lose. Crankbaits made of balsa are all unique especially when they are handmade. Some anglers say that it is their imperfection (because they are crafted by hand) that makes them hunt better than any other bait. They have that “natural feeling” of the water and the surroundings which seems more like the natural behaviour of the prey.


Why do pros prefer balsa lures than plastic ones?


Balsa crankbaits behave differently in the water than the molded plastic ones. They attract fish with their movement while backing up but can also produce erratic run if retrieved. Every angler has his own prefered model. These lures are most often said to be the secret of the pros. But it’s not only because of their action. It’s also the feeling. When you have a hand carved lure, (probably) hand painted it feels different than the plastic. It make the fishing experience more authentic in a way.