Mini Crankbaits

Why mini crankbaits are perfect for fishing


Small crankbaits are gaining their popularity in fishing community. Considered as excellent fishing lures for bass, ultralight crankbaits can also be great for catching smaller fish like panfish or crappie. Many anglers emphasize the effectiveness of minis and their versatility.


When to use small crankbaits for bass fishing


The micro crankbaits are especially popular for bass fishing. The ideal season for this is in early spring. That is when the fish moves towards the warmer, shallow water and when smaller crankbaits become very effective. The reason for this is that bass is smart – it won’t eat anything unnaturally big for that time of the year – and as earlier in the year, most of the baitfish are still small, using mini crankbait makes perfect sense.


Small crankbaits for panfish


After bass, the minis are excellent for catching panfish. This is because the panfish is naturally drawn to smaller prey and it focuses them more easily. Most of their prey is somewhat slow so crappies and bluegills will prefer the ones either moving slowly or resting. All of this works in the favor of ultralight crankbaits. The minis won’t tolerate very well any speed above 1 mph for the most part. When fishing with mini cranks the balance is crucial because due to their light weight they can succumb to water pressure more easily than larger lures. This is why they need to be moved with a light touch, in a precise manner. No matter what fish you decide to catch, the minis will certainly be a valuable help to your goal!


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