Balsa Lures Traditional Manufacturing Process


How Ugly Duckling is making Balsa Lures


The Ugly Duckling company started the serial production of the wooden fishing lures for the recreational fishing in the early 1980s. Due to the great experience and years of testing, the Ugly Duckling Lures have become popular worldwide and awell-known company in making fishing lures for every water conditions.

The most important part of the manufacturing process of the Ugly Duckling wooden crankbaits is the handmade work. All Ugly Duckling models, except for the RP’RATT, are custom made crankbaits from the high quality balsa and samba wood.

The first step is picking the right wood for balsa crankbaits. Balsa wood has proven to be the best wood for fishing lures. The next steps are these:

The wood fishing lures are being made out of the two identical halves – left and right. After the balsa wood carving when the wood has been shaped into a proper size for a certain type of the lure, it gets sunk into a special solution. It stays there for 24 hours, and afterwards it is being dried. This is the first level of the wood protection, after which the halves are being handled with the special tools, molding them out into the proper shape. This step excludes the problem of the lures being good until they “get to drink some water”. We have heard a lot of stories from the fishermen who suddenly found the lost Ugly Duckling balsa wood fishing lures that have spent years and years in water, yet still effective like they were just taken out of the box…

When the halves are finished, the next step is putting them together, previously putting the right wire in between. The wire is safe from the opening, and goes through the whole wobbler body length. This wire can also withstand any pressure during fishing, not influencing either body or lip. The next step in protection is daubing the wobblers with eight layers of a special lacquer. After that, depending on design, some custom balsa crankbaits are being printed and manually finished, and others are being completely painted manually. The color is protected by the two layers of the lacquer. Now is the moment when the wobblers finally get the lip and a hook. The most important operations are – testing and printing. Every single one of them is being tested manually until the perfect vibration that predators recognize well.

Maybe this process doesn’t sound very complicated, but every time you use your favorite Ugly Duckling friend, remember you are using something made with much effort, dexterity,  knowledge, experience, love, and tendencies to make a top quality lure which will make you a fishing champion.

Don’t let the name fool you – these baits are some of the best looking you’ve ever seen!
They seem real and lifelike, and they swim even better!