The story behind the name


Aleksandar VeselinovicAs a child, the designer of original Ugly Duckling lures, Aleksandar Veselinovic from Serbia, would spend his time carving fishing lures for him and his father. One day, his father’s friend took one of his lures and went fishing. The handcrafted lure was more than successful, as he started pulling fish after fish from the water. One of the nearby fishermen wondered which bait he was using and the man simply replied: “An Ugly Duckling”. That is when it all started.

With a desire to unite his family’s fishing heritage and his talent for design, Aleksandar Veselinovic starts his own collection of fishing lures back in the 1960s. He spends his time in studying nature and the behavior of fish, he tries out every new design he can think of in order to find the perfect one. And when he found it, he called it simply… the Ugly Duckling!First Ugly Duckling Lure

Ugly Duckling goes worldwide in the early 80s as a result of intensive work and testing by experienced fishermen all over the world lead by the designer of the Ugly Duckling lures, Mr. Veselinovic himself.

Today, Ugly Duckling is proud to be present all over the world, from Russian rivers to Canadian lakes to Scandinavian seas to the Gulf Coast of the USA and appreciated by so many anglers and passionate fishermen. The lures from Ugly Duckling are fully adaptable in various weather conditions and water clarity, available in 15 different colors and in sizes that are perfect for almost every fish you can think of. Each and every lure is tank and stream tested, manufactured by Ugly Duckling’s skilled and experienced workers who use laboratory research in order to manufacture the perfect lure.

Our love for nature and fishing as well as our endless dedication to our work have lead us to become one of the most recognizable fishing lures brands in Europe and beyond. It is with proud and great honor that we do our mission, constantly raising the bar for the best fishing experience possible.

Lovely fishing!