Ugly Duckling® 3F

Ugly Duckling lure 3F gained its popularity from the small profile and amazing action it covers. This small crankbait has great combination of casting distance, swimming action, mobility, and real-life like profile. Hand crafted of balsa wood UD® 3F has amazing wobbling action. Floating, buoyant body easily backs out of cover when paused. Perfect size for trout, crappie, bream, panfish, and even catfish. Put them on some really light tackle and they will never let you down.

Ugly Duckling Ultra Light Crank 3 Floating 1


  • Balsa Wood Construction
  • Natural Small Fish Profile
  • VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
  • Stainless Through Wire Construction
  • Hand Tuned
  • Tank Tested

Ugly Duckling color chart

ModelTypeLengthWeightSwimming DepthTreble HookSuggested Line Diameter
3FFloating1 1/4″ (3.3 cm)1/20oz (1.5 gr)1-5 feet  (0.3-1.5 m)No.145-6/100″  (0.14-0.16 mm)