Ugly Duckling® 7F


Length  2 3/4″ Weight  1/5oz
  • Balsa Wood Construction
  • Natural Small Fish Profile
  • VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
  • Stainless Through Wire Construction
  • Hand Tuned
  • Tank Tested
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Ugly Duckling® 7F

Though designed basically for trolling, these fishing lures are still very useful in conventional cast and retrieve situations. When you are fishing for large freshwater predators, such as big walleye, salmon, musky, these lures are an absolute must in your tackle box.

To reach those deep turbulent spots, put them on a braided line and search the water. With wide action and deep diving, they attract fish from long distances. 7 Floating model features extreme sensitivity and lively action – a snack for a large minnow feeding species. Designed to be used as a wide range bait, this lure is attractive for different species. That makes them a universal tool for doubting situations.




ModelTypeLengthWeightSwimming DepthTreble HookSuggested Line Diameter
7FFloating2 3/4″1/5oz2-10 feetNo.68-10/100″


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