UD® Stinger Jointed

Ugly Duckling® Stinger Jointed


7_JThe new member to the Ugly Duckling Stinger series has been developed to our customers’ request. The Ugly Duckling Stinger Jointed comes with that little extra every angler needs sometimes to succeed his fishing mission.

Its two parts body makes an illusion of speed in dark water along with a specific clicking effect that makes gamefish want to hit it. The point is to make a wounded baitfish action that results in predatory success. Very little forward movement is needed with this great jointed crankbait in order to initiate a wobble.

This lure is made using a traditional balsa manufacturing method with two VMC hooks, hand-tuned and tank-tested. Available in two versions, floating and sinking, this lure is effective both in casting and trolling, especially when catching walleye, largemouth, smallmouth and other freshwater predatory fish.


Ugly Duckling Stringer F Jointed GOLD SILUgly Duckling® STINGER Jointed 7F see more
Ugly Duckling Stinger 7S Jointed ShadUgly Duckling® STINGER Jointed 7S see more


Ugly Duckling Color Chart 6 DR & 6 MR Shad

ModelTypeLengthWeightSwimming DepthTreble HookSuggested Line Diameter
7F Stinger JointedFloating3 1/2″

(9.0 cm)


(7.0 gr)

2-8 feet (0.5-2.5 m)/casting

4-12 feet (1.0-3.5m)/troling


(0.18-0.25 mm)

7S Stinger JointedSinking3 1/2″

(9.0 cm)


(8.0 gr)  

5-10 feet (1.5-3.0 m)/casting

8-15 feet (2.5-4.5m)/trolling

No.6  7-10/100″

(0.18-0.25 mm)