UD® Stinger

Ugly Duckling® 7F & 7S Stinger

7 floatingNew to the Ugly Duckling Lures family of freshwater predator lures is a slimmer version of the Ugly Duckling® 7F & 7S  named the Ugly Duckling Stinger. Made of balsa wood using the Traditional Balsa Manufacturing Process  this  lure has slim shade body profile and a long diving lip that allows it to run deep casted or trolled.

Stinger is a lure of wide application, characterized by tight wiggle action and fast diving to wanted depth. UD®Stinger showed excellent in fishing river and lake Walleye, but also for various fish species like bass, perch and catfish.

Available in floating and sinking versions, plus a jointed models,  let you target everything from skinny water to depths of about 15 feet.


ugly_duckling_7f_bl_slim_302Ugly Duckling® STINGER 7 Floating see more
ugly_duckling_7f_bgi_slim_301Ugly Duckling® STINGER 7 Sinking see more


 Ugly Duckling Color Chart 6 DR & 6 MR Shad

ModelTypeLengthWeightSwimming DepthTreble HookSuggested Line Diameter
7F StingerFloating3 1/8″

(8.0 cm)


(7.0 gr)

2-8 feet (0.5-2.5 m)/casting

4-12 feet (1.0-3.5m)/troling


(0.18-0.25 mm)

7S StingerSinking3 1/8″

(8.0 cm)


(8.0 gr)  

5-10 feet (1.5-3.0 m)/casting

8-15 feet (2.5-4.5m)/trolling

No.6  7-10/100″

(0.18-0.25 mm)