Ugly Duckling® 2F

The lure with a length of about 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) and a weight of just over one gram (1/28oz), is ideal for surface fishing and fisheries, where the bottom is full of snags. The slim shape, flattened on the sides may suggest its purpose. It works perfectly in strong current. A long bill, compared to the body, reaching almost half the length of the lure makes the lure not to go to the surface even in a strong current. And that is very typical for this size of the lures. Perfect bait for trout, panfish, bream.

Ugly Duckling ultra light crank floating


  • Balsa Wood Construction
  • Natural Small Fish Profile
  • VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
  • Stainless Through Wire Construction
  • Hand Tuned
  • Tank Tested

Ugly Duckling color chart

ModelTypeLengthWeightSwimming DepthTreble HookSuggested Line Diameter
2FFloating1″ (2.5 cm)1/28oz (1.0 gr)1-3 feet  (0.3-1.0 m)No.165/100″  (0.12-0.14 mm)